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Gavino di Vino is a London-based performer and writer. His play, ‘AUNTIE’, a tragicomedy about an African Hackney family, has been defined by The Guardian as ‘exuberantly idiosyncratic’ and has been featured on the BBC. An avid reader with a focus on European cultural history and fashion, he is fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and  Spansh. He is currently writing his first book on his Russian travels, ‘La Russie en 2017’, inspired by Marquis de Custine’s ‘La Russie en 1839’.

I first thought about creating a blog in 2014, but as is the case with many writers, including those who are contemplating on becoming one, the fear of vulnerability that putting finger to key provokes stopped me in my tracks. Dead in my tracks.

I started to live in a way that went against the grain, a way that filled me with excitement, confusion, exhilaration and anger. But it was progressive. I look back now to how things were and how things are, at the ups and downs which at the time left me short of breath. Retrospectively speaking, they fill me with a sense of immense achievement.

We can only write when our minds and hearts are clear. When the only energy pushing out of us is our authentic self, truth and beauty will follow.

I am a writer, performer, linguist, cultural consumer and stargazer. Be my guest and enjoy the variety of material borne by my mind that I gladly share with you. Poetry, thoughts, inspirations, photographs and memories.

Welcome to my little piece of the world.

Above image courtesy of Roj Whitelock and received an honourable mentioncover image courtesy of Damien Frost


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