Don’t be surprised when someone tells you “in 2019” they experience racism. We live in the shadow of decisions that were made centuries ago by people who decided before they came to this earth they were to contribute to evil. A child’s experiences are not unique to them: they’re a continuation of what has happened to people of African descent living in the ‘Western world’ who have been forced to assimilate and hide their DNA or face the senseless, instinctive generational repetitions that rest in the blood of Mankind. I am this child, and this child is me, and I refuse to allow the world to make me feel like I’m an alien or deserving of pity. Don’t pity me, empower me, learn from me, and fight with a fearless ferocity to slay this wicked system that is murdering countless souls every single day. A soul can still be murdered even if the flesh still lives.


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