“Where are you?!”
“I’m on the bus!”
“You said you’d come clean up the dust!”
“I’m on my way – I’ll see you soon,”
Today I present the Sun and Moon,
Auntie Christine, my mother’s sister,
When we’re apart, I’ve always missed her,
Auntie Julie, if not by blood,
We have a bond as thick as mud,
Black BMW, AC’s dream,
From behind the wheel gives me a beam,
The parks permit,
AJ prepared it –
Let me run inside,
So she knows I’m alive,
She follows behind,
To where we find,
The geriatrics full of life,
Sign in, please,
We do the deed,
Go up the steps,
To be received as welcome guests,
“Working, working – I need a rest!”
From kitchen, she doth protest!
Out she comes, shuffling,
Worn out from a life of hustling,
My two dear aunties,
Come together,
From Kenya, Ghana – sunny weather!
They hug, I smile, scrambling,
To capture a joyous happening,
I miss the moment, my phone too slow,
But take another that they don’t know,
It’s mid-July,
30 degrees!
But we’re in Dalston,
Not by the seas,
Auntie Christine, the lucky thing,
Just back from the Dominican!
Ding-a-ling ling!
“You find a man?!”
Auntie Julie cries,
“I don’t need one!”
Mischief in her eyes,
Gossip, weddings, history,
Their conversations fill me with glee,
“Auntie Julie, is that you?”
She points at a photo with a dated hue.
“Yes, it is!”
“And who’s your husband?”
“The black one.”

“They’re all black!”
And we laugh out loudly,
Julie looks on proudly,
“You look so pretty,”
A day in London city,
1973 – what a time to be,
“Gavin – cut the onions!”
Julie interrupts,
And I get up quickly,
Take the cups,
“Put the flowers in a vase!”
I’m suddenly overwhelmed with tasks,
Queen Julie, Guiness she sips,
“Guinness for power”, helpful tips,
I look to AC, smiling
Memories of her mum, my dani,
“How far away is Ridley Road?
“Five minutes away,” replies her phone.


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