I had the pleasure of chatting to Martin Walker at Voice Repubic, ran by Edinburgh Fringe movers and shakers Broadway Baby, about my upcoming show AUNTIE ahead of my splendid performance at the Ritzy, Brixton.

Do have a listen and a read to the podcast and review, in that order!


Brixton 23 / 05 / 17

This is an Edinburgh Fringe must see.

Comedy monologue “AUNTIE” (any woman older than you) by Gavino di Vino

Gavino’s brilliant “AUNTIE”, takes her audience by the scruff of the neck, and shakes the liberal stuffing out of them. Auntie’s well observed ‘Kengerian’ character is hilarious and flawed.

Pretentious, proud, homophobic and evangelically Christian, Auntie practices corporal punishment on children and banishment on her homosexual son.

Made pregnant by a Scouser (you are not the Virgin Mary either), life has gone downhill for Auntie since she left Kengeria for Liverpool (confusing housing estate with country estate).


Gavino plays the main role in African drag, switching to play the unfortunate banished Mtoto, who now lives in gentrified and politely racist Hackney.

Humorous and colourful, Gavino’s monologue is as serious as it is funny.


Rufus Knight-Webb

Knight Webb Gallery London

Knight Webb, the bearded gentleman peering over some female heads on the right, wrote me the lovely review above!



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