This summer marks my second year in London! 

(Well, almost. September is my official anniversary!)

Exploring the solar flares of our blessed sun… Under the firm supersivision of Biggles, I adjust the dials as the sun moves across our earthly sky. I see a black dot in the centre of the sun, and Biggles informs me that’s a solar flare, and the black dot is what you see when you’re looking inside the flaming beast!

Biggles, an art lecturer, urged me to start creating art about my own experiences and sense of identity after telling me of some fascinating work to do with having two heritages but being unable to decide which one to identify with more.

The sun and its accompanying summer heat arrived right on queue in mid-July, and I have enjoyed it in the best way: surrounded by friends! 

I met this delightful and learned gang performing at You Me Bum Bum Train, which I found out about after getting a lift home from the Vogue Ball in Liverpool (I had to start work at 8 the next morning!) and was told I had to get involved! London continued to surprise you, especially when you get into a routine and the whole thing starts to seem quite banal. YMBBT was an explosion of everything, 400 people volunteering every night to give the audience member a theatre experience like no other! I met Rosalyn and Biggles (Rosalyn far right, Biggles far left) and fell in love instantly!
I adore this photo! The mirror gives the impression of being in an impossibly large enchanted garden, the water feature such a gorgeous example of a ‘suburban oasis’. This look is so inspired by mid-80s Beverly Hills preppy chic. A Californian interpretation of tea and scones (which was obviously the order of the day in South West London.) I mentioned to a friend how I love the subversion of ‘twin-set and pearls’, wearing a classic Revlon Red lip with matching nail poliah and an outfit that could have been considered twee and dowdy if worn by a woman à l’époque, but the fact I’m a 22 year old brown young man instantly makes the look unconventional and glamorous.

My lipstick stained champagne glass (top marks on the vintage Marie Antoinette booby shape!) and pearls from my broken necklace. 😣

Finally feeling like a local in a city is something all of us crave. The best way to achieve that is to be open to the world, open to its guidance and open to the wonderful things and people that can come our of it.


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