There exists scores of literature to explain the phenomenon that is fate. 

From childhood we absorb the words destiny, serendipity, luck and fate but they don’t take much meaning until we are old enough and mature enough to really decide on how we want our lives to be and who want to have in it.

Fate has played a great hand in my life so far, and from the age of 19, when I began to make the painful but necessary transition from teenhood into adulthood , and a series of highly influential meetings forced me to begin to acknowledge fate as a given, and have since graciously accepted that fortune seems to be smiling upon me!

En route to meeting my lovely friend Vicky, whom I met a whole summer ago at Africa Oyé, where we spent the whole afternoon in full Scouse character. We discussed drama school, the acting world and how we both relate to it in a way I’ve never had before. Until recently, I never considered myself to be an actor, but what I did know is that I loved to show off and a lot of the team people liked to laugh at what I did and said!
Surprise! In trying to find Vicky for our little meeting in The British Library about sketch comedy, I see lovely Jack, a friend from The Kazimier crowd way back in Liverpool and Sophie, a girl I met a week ago at my new job as a kid’s entertainer at Sharky & George and then Vicky appears from around the corner.
We laugh (well, he laughed, I never ever found it funny) about the time I gave him a high five and felt a cold liquid hit my face. Jack apologised and explained his HUGE BLISTER must have EXPLODED on my FACE when we high fived. 😖 Jack also mentioned everybody’s favourite mutual friend Jennifer Moule was in town! I catalogued that little piece of intel,  of course!
We bash out three quarter of an hour’s worth of sketch comedy brainstorming, a much needed moment for both of us, creativity a much needed outlet for creative soul!

Channeling ever Hackney rude that ever lived circa 2006

Pre cycle ride with lovely William, who wanted to show me a route he took up towards Hackney Marshes. With such unusually seasonal weather, what could be better than a cycle ride through the urban wilderness?
Little ducks enjoy a paddle! 🐦💦

A wild Jenny appears! A day after Jack mentioned and through no other reason than fabulous timing, I spot Jenny after William and I leave our bikes on the side to have a sip of water by the canalside. Our international (used to be) blonde bombshell is now living la vida loca en Buenos Aires (pronounced in a typically clownish fashion ‘Buenoth Aireth’ by Jenny.
Gotta capture that moment! Me, Will and Jenny. Two very different people from two very different parts of my life. I met Jenny in Mello Mello in Liverpool, her opening line being “Oh well who are you! Give me a twirl I have been seeing all of this around town.”

We can pore over everything; we can hold ourselves down with tons of disbelief; we can even try om vain to find logic in happenings that are merely a part of life on this planet. 

Or we can rest assured that if we continue to be true to ourselves and stick to the laid out path that is chosen at birth, the people who are meant to be in our lives will come and leave at exactly the right time. And the same holds with yourself and in everybody else’s reality.


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