London is one of the most malleable cities I know. So many realities can exist in one square metre of this city, and a street that has hosted a myriad of feet for hundreds even thousands of yearas, feet all wearing the changing fashions of the day, can be turned instantly brand new by a brand new set of eyes and spirit.

An impromptu snap taken by a passing by tourist. Look at that composition of reds, blues and yellows. Advertising definitely had me in mind that day!
Ladies who love clashing patterns take a liquid luncheon of gin and tonic sorbet, a creamy dreamy delicacy that has never passed my lips before! We discuss naughty but necessary purchases, grabbing success when you can and romantic confessions.

A style chameleon disappears into the walls of Fortnum & Mason’s tea parlour

As a member of the Academician’s Room in the Royal Academy of Arts, I hold the privilege of bringing as many friendies as I wish to exhibitions at the RA! We sample the Summer Exhibition – a first in this airy offering of arty goodness for both of us!

One last snap in the main foyer of the Royal Academy before I go to the Advanced Style launch party in Selfridges. I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for Mr Facebook popping up on my fancy new cell phone!

I spot Sun’s recent creative inspiration at Victoria’ Secret on Bond Steet, an 18th century wench inspired blouse.
A wee cameo appears! I tell everyone who will believe me that the lovers on my ring are my great great great great great grandparents.

A quick beauty pit stop to the Dior counter in Selfridges. I arrived on the fourth floor where the book launch was taking place and realised my lipstick had that day-long crumby effect; not attractive in any realm.

I arrive, catapulted with a cascade of colour as people queue for the Advanced Style: Older and Wiser. Having no prior knowledge of the book launch, it took me half an hour to realise the book my dear friends Liv and Olivia bought for me as a birthday gift was indeed an earlier edition! I join the queue.

Forever clueless since 1995

Sue Kreitzman and I posing it out for the paps! Such a beautiful soul who wears her heart and wings on the outside, literally!

The evening ends with me joining three other attendees, engaging in a discussion about the difficult immigrant experience there’s to be had in Britain with Jas, a daughter of two Indian parents. It is a grounding but uplifting conversation, one on which I was very sure to take notes, ever keen to find more perspectives that can inform my play about just this subject.

An evening where so many layers of me, the lady who lunches, the art enthusiast, the bastion of individuality and performance and the most important, the child of a first generation immigrant, all collide. All of these layers, coming of age at different times in my life, collide each day, but collude beneath the charming exterior, sure to be my accompanying guardians as I continue to grow and achieve my destiny.


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