Life has its way of coming round in circles – that’s how I started my last blog post. When you’re most at peace with yourself, you are closest to your child’s self. That doesn’t mean you’re childish, but you’ve let go of the adolescent need to conform and pursue acts based in ego and pettiness. Of course, we all have our lapses and can do things that in retrospect were rather silly. But to identify how you feel and what the feeling is to be completely at peace is an incredibly powerful and wonderful thing.

A place where you spent your first few years discovering your senses, personality and childhood friends will always have a hold, whether we like it or not. For me, my hometown has bitter sweet memories – I could list many an anecdote of the difficulties I had growing up, and these difficulties have surely haunted me and gripped me with a dark confusion during my teens. But anyone who has overcome the demons of the past will tell you that once you climb over the top of that tower of negative emotion, for just a short while, you experience the wonder and freeness only a child can possess. And once that happens, the happy memories come flooding back and people you would never have considered meeting come and go into your life, leaving light laughter, smiles and new happy memories that merely compliment the old.


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