At the tender age of 22, I have accumulated a lifetime of pain, confusion and lack of self-worth.

Much of this can be attributed to absorbing the demons of those around me, a twisted family heirloom that has been handed down to each generation, the purity and innocence of an infant’s mind and soul corrupted by societal forces outside of its control.

I know many, still victims to oppression, doubt, fear, blind hatred.

The gulf between me and them is I chose to break free, challenge those prejudices and spread my wings wide like a Phoenix.

Out of the quagmire of human despair into which I was born I became powerful, confident, silver-tongued, sophisticated.

But more importantly, much like a smooth, delicate stone in a river, constantly thrashed and traumatised by an unforgiving current, I became softer, kinder and more empathetic than those who came before me, achieving a balance between unstoppable courage and the courage to be kind.

‘Hackney Gospels’ is a play about a family still deep in the swamp of insecurity, ego and dishonesty. The main characters, African immigrants who have not overcome their demons, serve as a parallel universe of what could have been in my own life.

My own experiences of what we call ‘human nature’ informed much of the humorous but shocking, tragic themes that take form in the play. What I, others close to me and those I have met in passing hold in their memories now manifests itself on the page.

Our suffering, our collective human suffering, has become art, and arts main purpose is to allow selfish catharsis and also the knowledge to others that they are not alone.

Read A Younger Theatre‘s review of the play here: http://www.ayoungertheatre.com/review-hackney-gospels-ziferblat/



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