I performed this piece I wrote for the last supper at Soho House on Greek Street before the venue closes, moving into its new premises nearby.

It signifies not just a changing face of Soho House, but a changing London, and I’m proud to now be a part of the creative legacy.

Born with a hunger for a world outside,

Living under scrutiny,

A world that values conformity,


An individual’s vision never satisfied,

Only frustrated.

The World’s grand cities,

Places built by those who grab ambition,

Ride it to their graves,

A saving light for lost creatives,

A hub for those whose unique spark,

Never good enough for their hometown,

But for the notorious streets of Soho,

Thier souls give light,

You can stop fighting, now

You can start to live,

Grow, Love, Create,

Soho is my home


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