Life is ephemeral, and we ought to capture every beautiful moment before it’s gone.

Such is my philosophy, inspired by a conversation with a friend’s aunt about the concept of youth and its impermanence.

Since 19, I have worked with many a photographer, creating beautiful, lasting images that hold secrets to my own state of mind and state of life at the time they were taken. To everyone else, they will forever be images of a handsome youth in interesting poses, but those who reside in planet Me, they’re like old postcards from a bygone era.

I was introduced to Anthony Lycett by one of my dearest friends Mina. They were and are remain good friends at Bangor University, where they both discovered photography in those Welsh hills.

Self Styled is a fascinating look into that small group of exuberant dressers that exist in every city, and the city in question is London. He has photographed people in the public eye to people like me. Each photo has a different style, in both the models’ stance and the clothes worn, but they all have one thing in common: the same white background with only the model’s individuality to fill in the blank.



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