I am invited to a private view at Shoreditch gallery l’étrangère, having spoken to the gallery curator at the London Art Fair the previous Sunday. 

The view is of the show ‘Can’t Remember Always Always‘ by Berlin artist Marie Jeschke, exploring ‘an interrogation of the relationship between archival processes, individual and collective memory.’ 

I loved this concept as nostalgia and the ephemera we collect from our childhoods which, at the time, seem so insignificant, can calm that aching desire we develop as adults to reconnect with our inner child. Blogging is my attempt to leave a footprint of my life for my future self and for other people with aligned interests and passions, a spiritual and intellectual anchor for the experiences and memories I’m creating in my life right now, in this fleeting moment in history.Joanna introducing me to Marie  


  Marie turns to greet a friend who came all the at from Germany!

I flit about the room, ever the social butterfly, some Sex and the City scene playing out in my head. I think to myself as I sip my white wine ‘does anyone ever feel like a proper grown-up?’


The same day as my last post, where I spoke about the feeling that Colombia was calling me after chatting to a woman from the country. This couple tells me about their recent trip out there, describing the emerging art scene in the previously war-torn Medellín, a city made famous in the 1980s for its cocaine king pin, Pablo Escobar



 Marie used family photos on bottles, filled with a mixture of food, drink and toiletry products to emulate the smell of home. She filled plastic cases with this liquid, submerging the photos but covering them with a rock.

My own interpretation starts to bubble up and she confirms my high expectations; the rocks salvaged from beaches and symbolising the rooting of these memories, memories now immortalised in her work for us to visualise, empathise, materialise.

Credit for photos goes to


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