“Oh my God. Look at that building – it matches my outfit! Quick, take a picture!”

Back in spring, I spotted a place of holiness for any 1980s throwback

A childhood enriched by 1980’s cultural icon Saved by the Bell had me sold as a child of a decade that ended five years before my birth.
The much maligned aesthetic of the decade – clichés of permed hair, clashing neon patterns and clip on earrings – is something I constantly emulate through the use of our world’s vintage clothing emporium, TV, film, magazines and that new-dangled internet.

French Artist Camille Walala uses the geometric, eye-watering patterns of the era, her most notable project being a building she painted on Old Street with her trademark design.

It was an Islington love-in with Camille Walala

Of course, I was initially sold because the colours matched my outfit of the day, but was immediately taken by the fact that someone loves the glorious gaudiness of that infamous time as much as me.


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