And here it is – the first post of many.

The first finger to key to create a legacy of blogographic joy. I haven’t written a blog for fear of just this – writing. Procrastination is the oddest thing and it stops all those millions and billions and trillions of those magical thoughts we have each day from bringing inspiration to everyone who could possibly see and hear them.


To start this blog will be to talk about where I am in life right now.

I am now coming up to my first year in London and I have started to reflect upon how much I have developed and discovered ways of thinking I never thought possible. Although I do miss parts of my life up in Liverpool, I feel like a truly buzzing, international city like London is the only place for me right now – Liverpool taught me how to walk, and London is teaching me how to run (5 stars for self-help cheese.)

I now have a concrete idea of where I wish to take my life, the bedrock of the person I wish to catapult into the world. I feel like everything I have been doing during early life has been preparing me for the journey I’m just at the start of taking. So many people along the way have inspired me, hurt me and some special souls have just provided emotional support through the tougher times. I am now at a point where I’m coming out of the confusion and angst of adolescence and I am gaining a true grasp of my identity and how I wish to continue. I now have a much wider selection of partners in crime and even (wit woo) a partner with whom I have a real connection.

So let’s get wordy – I will be trying to post as regularly as possible to keep you up to date on my fantastical and occasionally (often) ludicrous life.

Bisous !



  1. I look forward to hearing & seeing your fabulous tales, Darling Gavino! I wish you good luck, fun, excitement & passion, in all your aspirations & achievements, all of which I know will be in abundance! Sue x

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